St.Ann's Indian Mission Among the Chippewa and Metis - Belcourt, ND - Flooding Hearts with a River of Grace!



Vision Statement: That Almighty God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - be glorified through the salvation of all peoples in the Turtle Mountains.

Mission Statement: As a Eucharistic family united in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, under the maternal patronage of Saint Ann, we strive to bring the healing Light of Christ to all in need of His Divine Love. Through our commitment to prayerful worship and works of mercy, we share our Catholic Faith so to inherit the Kingdom of God. 

Sunday 8:30 AM, 10 AM, 5 PM
Daily 6:45 AM and 5 PM - Queen of Peace Pastoral Center in Belcourt -Monday through Thursday, followed by the Rosary                                                                                                Friday Holy Mass at Belcourt Retirement Home at 5pm with Tribal Elders

Saturday 9 AM and 5:30 PM Vigil
Holidays 9AM 
Confessions Saturday 10 AM, 4-5 PM; Sunday 30 minutes before Masses or by request 

Baptism - Register at the Parish Office by the 2nd Saturday of each month. Classes held 2nd Saturday of each month in St. Joseph CCD center next to St. Ann's Gym, 10:00 PM. Baptisms held the following Sunday after 10 AM Mass. Must have one or two godparents (practicing Catholics, 16 years old and confirmed).
Marriage - Arrangements need to be made six months prior at parish office. 


For home blessing, call the parish office: 477-5601

Perpetual Adoration. Our Lord is waiting to spend some time with you! Call 278-4744 if you would like to spend one hour per week with Jesus.

Pregnant? Need someone to talk to? Need somewhere to live? Call St. Gianna's Maternity Home: 1-877-701-3077.

Planned Giving: Have you ever considered donating to St. Ann's Mission Endowment in honor of a loved one or family member? Call Doc 477-8717, ext. 214.

Religious Education: Contact Saint Ann's Main Office at 701.477.5601 to obtain the most recent schedule for Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation/Confession,

Adult Religous Education and Cemetery Services.